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Package Free
Linear Beauty Tasha Gear, Founder
Package Free
Package Free

"I became obsessed with making different products and researching natural skincare, and soon after shared them with friends and family and they encouraged me to start my own business. It took me a long time to actually launch my brand and I don’t think I would have been able to do it as successfully as I have without Package Free. I’ve gained more exposure and sales with PF than I ever would have by myself."

Package Free
Meow Meow Tweet Tara Pelletier, Co-Founder
Package Free
Package Free

“I used to cook professionally, so when I started making soap, I became fascinated by creating combinations that I loved in cooking. Eventually I started studying herbalism, aromatherapy and cosmetic chemistry, and we slowly developed more products to care for every inch of the body in as low-waste a way as possible.We are very inspired by the work that Package Free is doing to drive interest in low-waste and refillable products. Hopefully it's a sign of what’s to come: lasting systemic change.”

Package Free
PlantPaper Deeva Green, Co-Founder
Package Free
Package Free

Discovering that 27,000 trees are flushed down the world’s toilets everyday, and that many of these are from old growth forests, which make up some of the most important carbon sinks on the planet was an “aha!” moment for us. Our partnership with Package Free has taught us a lot about our customers, who are ultra-informed. This was enormously helpful in guiding the process of redesigning our packaging and our website. We’re excited to continue to learn from this partnership.”

Package Free
Ecolunchbox Sandra Ann Harris, Founder
Package Free
Package Free

I think the most powerful way for individuals to join the plastic free movement is to find something you are truly passionate about as it relates to single-use plastic usage and leverage that passion into action. Lauren Singer’s zero-waste journey is such an inspiration to so many of us"

Package Free
GladRags Tracy Puhl, President
Package Free
Package Free

We want your relationship with your period to be a positive one, with no taboo or stigma, and that starts with open conversations about menstruation! Package Free inspired us to take a look at our current packaging choices and make them more sustainable! During our partnership, we switched from plastic packing tape to kraft paper tape.”

Package Free
Brooklyn Made Natural Jen Swanson & Mel Subhiyah, Founders
Package Free
Package Free

Our soap making was born in our small Brooklyn apartments because it was difficult to find products made with only real ingredients we understood. Soon we added other skin care products, also all without any chemicals, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Working with Package Free has helped us to share what we love with even more people.”

Package Free
Dental Lace Jodi Breau, Founder
Package Free
Package Free

Lauren and the PF team helped us promote Dental Lace Refillable Floss around the globe. Now we have 7 International distributors serving 11 countries, and wholesale accounts in 40 countries.The Package Free team also guided us toward being a zero waste company.  We used your vendor guidelines as a starting point and worked from there.”

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